Thermogenic fat burners: what are they

Thermogenic fat burners: what are they

Thermogenic supplements do not replace the diet; however they increase the physiological mechanisms of the loss of calories taken during a meal. We are talking about green fat burners , the Best Weight loss pills therefore 100% natural, which combined with a low-calorie diet allow you to find your figure faster.

Garcinia Cambogia :  The rind of its fruit contains hydroxycitricacid  (HCA) which blocks the synthesis of acetylcoenzyme A – an enzymatic regulator involved in the biosynthesis and storage of lipids – reducing the biosynthesis of body fats by about 25%. Riduce appetite and increases the metabolism, ensuring that even the already stored fats in the body are burned more quickly

Sea oak : Fucus (Fucusvesiculosus) or Sea oak is an alga with flattened and elongated leaves, rich in iodine, an essential element for the correct functioning of the thyroid gland and to ensure efficient energy metabolism. It is used to promote body weight loss and to resolve intestinal constipation; it is also functional for breathing and blood circulation.

Guarana:  contiene caffeine in much higher quantities than coffee (4-6%, while in the coffee you get 1-2%) and theophylline, theobrominei which stimulate the nervous system diminishing mental and physical fatigue, improve sports performance. Traditionally it has been used to lose weight as it reduces the sense of hunger.

Green coffee:  rich in phenolic compounds, including chlorogenicacid , reduces fat (triglycerides) and cholesterol in the liver, prevents blood sugar spikes and is an antioxidant.

These active ingredients in the Best Weight loss pills are generally associated with other substances that have a synergistic and improving effect, among these we find:

Taurine:  antioxidant substance, promotes the assimilation of other active ingredients in particular caffeine , lipid oxidation and cholesterol reduction.

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