Story Of an Unsolved 16 Years Old Case – Diary

Story Of an Unsolved 16 Years Old Case – Diary

There is a certain fun and thrill in watching horror movies, especially if it is in Tamil. Diary is a thriller movie based on the story of an unsolved 16-year-old case. If you are a fan of Tamil thriller movies or Arulnithi, you will love this latest Tamil movie named Diary.

Visit a top OTT channel if you want to opt for new Tamil movies 2022 to download, like Diary. The director of this Tamil movie is Innasi Pandiyan, and the leading star is Arulnithi. In this specific guide, you will learn more about the main story of this story.

The Story

The Diary movie has a star-studded cast that includes Arulnithi, Pavithra Mafrimuthu, Sha Ra, Jaya Prakash and many more. The movie begins with Varadhan Annadurai (Arulnithi), a new cop who enters the scene, and the first case he picks up leads him to Ooty, where he has to work with Pavithra (Pavithra Marimuthu). After diving a little deeper into the case, he and several others come across a bus travelling from Ooty to Coimbatore.

Watch this new Tamil movie to find out what happens later to different characters on the bus and what is the main reason behind them being brought all together. Diary is an interesting movie, and you must subscribe to aha ott to opt for new Tamil movies 2022 to download.

How good is the Movie?

The storyline provided by Innasi Pandiyan is interesting, but the film does not go directly to the core at the beginning. In the first half, you will be entertained by many comedy scenes in this movie, but the story slowly picks up pace in the second half. The story gets more thrilling and interesting as time passes, and the movie is filled with various twists and turns. There are several unpredictable things that you will find in this movie.

The supporting cast of this movie is good, and all of them do a good job that will make your eyes glued to the screen. This thriller movie is solid, and there are many chilling scenes that leave you stunned. The choreography is also good in this movie. Overall, this is a well-packaged film that has many wonderful and memorable scenes.

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