11 Plus Exam Papers: Boosting Your Preparation of 11+ Exam

11 Plus Exam Papers: Boosting Your Preparation of 11+ Exam

Education is very crucial in one’s life and should not be ignored even once. You may end up losing many good things. After primary school, the parents often wonder whether to send their children to grammar or an independent school. At this stage, they start to hear about 11+ exam references and 11 Plus Exam Papers.

The 11+ exam is an entrance examination for getting secondary schools, used by grammar schools that are state-funded as well as many privately owned schools to find the best academically brilliant students. The students take this exam at the end of the fifth year of primary school. There are mainly two exam boards, CEM and GL assessment, which depend on the location of grammar schools.

The exam tests your knowledge of the subjects: English, Maths, Verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

The format of the exam is such that to solve one section, a period of 45 minutes is given. The test paper’s length varies every year with multiple-choice questions, and a written format for math and verbal test.

Before taking the test, it is important and beneficial to take the practice exam papers which will help your kid to perform better. 11 plus exam papers might be the right thing that your kid needs.  Let’s take a look at why? The papers provide 5 GL exams of full length. Each paper contains 4 individual tests on every subject. The tests designed have a lot of similarities with the real ones, and are updated regularly. The papers also have detailed answers to help your kid understand better.

beneficial are 11 plus exam papers

Let’s have a look at some more features of the 11 Plus Exam Papers:

  • Choices

It offers you to choose the test that you want for your kid, like a single test or multiple ones ranging from full lengths or topic wise to comprehensions. Taking a full test help you understand the areas where you lack behind.

  • Analysis

The papers offer you a detailed analysis of every question you attempted from which you can track your progress.

  • Cover every topic

The papers cover every topic from each subject so that you can perform better.

  • Difficulty level

For those who are quick with the regular questions, the papers provide more challenging problems which also helps your kid to prepare for further stages of the exam.

With 11 Plus Exam Papers, you are better prepared to take exams. You can check the user testimonials on their website, and everyone is quite happy with the level of exam papers offered.

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